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change by angela mANAlang

2009 October 25
Posted by philitgroup

Angela Manalang Gloria… Who is she?
1. She was born on August 2, 1907 in Guagua Pampanga to her parents, Felipe Dizon Manalang and Tomasa Legaspi.
2. When she was about 8 years old, she became enthralled with books, read devotedly and even can play the piano, she love nature and things dainty very much.
3. She starts her schooling at Benedictine Sisters in Albay and in Manila.
4. She is very good, intelligent woman that’s why when she transferred another school at Sta. Scholastica she became a salutatorian.
5. After graduation from high school she proceed to UP and became the suma cum laude with an AB in philiosophy.
6. The same school which is UP she worked with the Philippine Collegian as a literary editor and worked with Celedonio P. Gloria that became her husband.
7. Her husband finished the L.L.B in UP so she became editor of the Herald Mid-Week Magazine and because of poor health she need to resign six months because of WWII and then her husband died.
8. She found out that life is not all love, that love is not the only way to one’s goal.
9. She realized that this world is “circumferenced with lucre within a coin of brass.” She plunged into business and traveled and prospered. But Philippine literature lost her.
10. She died on 1995 and became a Lyric poet, pianist, and editor.
by: Angela Manalang Gloria

I have outgrown them all, and one by one,
These loves I took so mightily to heart
Before you came: the dolls that overran
My childhood hours and taught me fairy art;
The books I ravished by the censored score;
Music that like delirium burned my days;
The golden calf I fashioned to adore
When lately I forsook the golden phrase.

And thus I shall outgrow this love for you.
Sooner or later I shall put away
This jewelled ecstasy for something new.
Brand me not fickle on that fatal day:
Bereft of change that is my drink and bread,
I would not love you now. I would be dead.

- The story is about how even romantic love can be outgrown. It is the story of the girl who was so obsessed by the love that she want to give to the boy, but unfortunately the boy that she love did not love her very much. It is also a puppy love in which the girl goes back when she is childhood memories.

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